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These Plus-Sized Brides Are On The Hunt For A Wedding Dress. Here's What Happened...
Wedding dress shopping is one of the defining moments before your impending nuptials. With shows like "Say Yes to the Dress'" highlighting the special moment, it's no surprise that every bride aims to feel the same way other brides do on the screen. However, what is it like being a plus-sized bride on the hunt for your dream wedding gown? These 15 fuller-figure women detail the ups and downs of their search for "the one".

As a plus-sized woman, finding a wedding dress can be a challenge.

Why are there so many wedding dress choices for skinny people? When I look at the plus size section it is very limited and very unattractive.

Your confidence takes a hit.

I'm getting married and I'm plus size.  I'm scared people will think someone dressed a hippo in a wedding dress.

Why is it so hard?

Finding a plus size wedding dress on a budget is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack

The fear:

I'm plus size and I'm afraid that I won't look good in my wedding dress.

Takes all the fun out of it.

As a plus sized (fat) woman.. It's really depressing to go wedding dress shopping. For something that was supposed to be happy and fun, the looks I get make me feel ugly.

Not going to be easy.

I am afraid to start wedding dress shopping because not only am I plus size, I also want a black dress.