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15 Wealthy Men Reveal How They Really Feel About Being In A Relationship With A Gold Digger
You hear about some men who are blinded by love and can't see what everyone sees: that the only reason their partner is with them is for their money. But what about the guys who are fully aware of what their girl is after? These men know their significant other is a gold digger and went along with the relationship anyway. Will they regret it? Find out how they really feel about their situation in the following confessions.

Your wife may be a gold digger, but at least she has some redeeming qualities.

My wife is the gold digger and I know she married me for money but I don't mind since she is so hot and gorgeous

When looks matter more than money.

Everyone's calling her a gold digger and shallow, but that's okay. The only reason I married my wife is because she's hot

From modesty to moolah.

My girlfriend just found out how wealthy my family is... Her tastes have suddenly gone from modest to straight gold digger. Sometimes this is a blessing and a curse

Is the love real?

I don't mind my wife being a gold digger as long as she loves me

Good riddance.

Thinking about leaving my girlfriend. If I wanted to be with a gold digger I would have hired an escort.

People don't get it but...

My wife was 28 when we married, I was 46... I was having a mid-life crisis, she was a gold digger but we have a perfect relationship. I don't need anyone to understand.