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17 Secret Confessions From People Who Are The "Home Wrecker" In Their Ex's New Relationship
Distance sometimes makes the heart grow fonder. Seems to make sense when people find themselves back together with a former flame. There's nothing wrong with that, unless your ex is currently coupled up with someone new. These people confess to having relations with their exes while their exes are in new relationships. If you think that sounds scandalous, you have no idea whats in store..


My ex-husband is cheating on his girlfriend with me... His "girlfriend" is the woman who he impregnated ruining our marriage. I find this hilarious!!
My ex fiancé cheats on his girlfriend with me. I know that makes me bad, but I don't care. I hate that woman. I hope she walks in on us one day.

Love can be so complicated.

My ex is cheating on his girlfriend with me and the only reason why I'm going along with it is because I still want to feel like he loves me and I want to hurt her

Tricky situation here.

My ex is living a double life. He saw me for 2 days this week and now he is with his "girlfriend" for two days. I want to expose him. Am i wrong?

Well, there's ONE way to find out..

My ex girlfriend is cheating on her girlfriend with ME but I'm afraid if I make her choose she's gonna choose her other girlfriend

I think we know the answer to this one.

My ex wife is cheating on her new boyfriend with me. I'm her ex husband. Is that wrong?
I'm still in love with her