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These Food Poisoning Horror Stories Will Make You Grateful For Your Health
Getting food poisoning is one of the most uncomfortable things you can go through. It can also be embarrassing and traumatizing if it hits you at the wrong time. These people know all too well how bad it can be when someone else has to witness your living hell. These tales of food poisoning put the horror in horror story.

So romantic.

Well, that’s not how our valentines was supposed to go. Slept 2 hours and woke up with food poisoning. Thanks pizza pizza.

What a gentlemen.

On the 2nd date I threw up in his car. I had food poisoning. He just dropped me off, said goodbye, and left. Then came back a little later with medicine, ginger ale, and crackers. Getting married soon

Smooth move.

Got food poisoning on a blind date and almost pooped myself in his car. Then he was pissed because I wouldn't bang him! I was like trust me, you don't want this!


I once had bad food poisoning and ended up sharting during yoga class. Yes, you bet people definitely noticed.


I was at orientation for university. It was my first day at school and I had food poisoning from the night before. I literally crapped my pants during orientation.

Honeymoon from hell

I got food poisoning during my honeymoon in Hawaii. Instead of enjoying the beach, I spent the trip vomiting from our hotel.