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If You're Going Through Imposter Syndrome, You're Not Alone
Do you find yourself doubting your accomplishments and feeling like a complete fraud? Are you afraid that you'll be exposed and people will find out who you "really are"? There's a chance that what you're experiencing could be what's known as imposter syndrome--and you're not alone. Follow along as these individuals share their personal experiences with the phenomenon.

Your accomplishments don't feel good enough.

I'm about to graduate college & I'm going to be ridiculously overpaid when I start my job in the fall. Feeling a bit of imposter syndrome because my skills right now aren't worth 6 figures.

It can do a lot of harm.

I have imposter syndrome. I keep procrastinating on applying for jobs that I could easily do because there's a part of me that says I can't. I'm terrified of what I'm doing to my future.

Sometimes it's hard to spot.

I'm getting that panic in the pit of my stomach that I'm going to be let go from work... I can't tell if it's legit or because of Imposter Syndrome.

Makes you feel inadequate.

Imposter syndrome sucks. It's even worse when you're working alongside some of the best minds in the business.

Competition gets the best of you.

No matter how much praise I get, I feel like I don't deserve it and I'm not as smart/talented as everyone says I am.
Imposter syndrome sucks.

Feels like you learned nothing.

I’m a university student with imposter syndrome. I’ve passed everything but I still feel like I have no knowledge. I’m embarrassed because I memorize blindly and pass.