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20 Guys On What It's Like To Love A Woman Who Battles Anxiety And Depression
There's no doubt that anxiety and depression are terrible for the person experiencing it. However, what is it like dating someone who is dealing with these demons? These 20 men are opening up with their honest thoughts and opinions on their girlfriends' struggles with anxiety and depression. From the supportive to the shocking, here's what they had to say.

It's hard not to feel at fault.

Even though my girlfriend has depression and she sometimes can't help it I always blame myself when she gets upset and I don't know why.

Relationships are through thick and thin.

My girlfriend has anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder. It takes a lot of patience and love. 
For her I have an unlimited amount of that. 
She completes me

Enough is enough.

My girlfriend has depression and it's hard for me when she falls into it cause she pushes me away or gets angry at me. I love her so much but I'm tired of being told to go away.

This is tough to stomach.

My gf has depression and it’s cyclical.. I love her very much but I don’t know if I can deal with it all my life.. it’s exhausting.

Support is important.

Today, my girlfriend told me her depression has come back

I'm going to be there for her like I was last time, fighting right beside her.

If only this were possible...

I wish I could help my girlfriend with her depression