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Teens Tell All: My Parents Cut Me Off Financially For Good
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You're left high and dry.

My parents cut me off midway through college with no income & endless bills to pay.

Or anything for that matter?

I changed my major and my parents weren't happy about it so they cut me off... How am I expected to pay sorority dues?

Get your hustle on.

Told my parents I wasn't planning on working for their company so now they have cut me off financially from their bank accounts. Time to work,

Harsh words.

Today my parents found out I’ve sent nude photos of myself and they financially cut me off because they said they refuse to support a prostitute

The timing couldn't have been worse.

I’m six credits from an associate's degree but now I can't afford to complete it since my parents cut me off. I'm screwed.

You learn to do what you have to do.

My parents want me to come home and not finish college because I've had some bad luck. They cut me off of everything. I went and got a student loan and a job. I believe in myself even if they don't