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True Life: I'm Trans FTM And I'm Pregnant
What is it like being pregnant as a trans male? Despite transitioning from female to male, there are transgender individuals out there who still choose to bear children. To give you an inside look at their personal journeys from pregnancy to birth, these trans dads open up about their experiences. Follow along as they share their honest confessions.

Fear can come into play.

I'm a trans dude and I'm pregnant... I'm worried it's going to make my dysphoria worse.

It can be quite the shock.

I don't know how to tell my little brother I'm pregnant

I'm trans and he's always know me as a boy 

He's gonna freak

Puts things on hold.

I’m a ftm trans and now I’m pregnant. I was on my way to being the guy I was born to be now I don't know what to do...

You never know how you'll react.

I am ftm Transgender and trying to get pregnant with my fiance.  I want a baby but I don't know if I'm prepared for the dysphoria that will come with pregnancy.


I'm ftm and I'm pregnant... I've decided to stop caring if I'm misgendered when people see a pregnant body and think I'm a woman. I just want my baby.

How frustrating.

Being a pregnant trans man is hard... Especially when the doctors and nurses always use the wrong name and terminology.