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"I Overheard My Boss Say She Doesn't Like Me. What Should I Do?"
20 Wild Conversations Employees Overheard At Work

I overheard my boss say that I'm his best employee.

I'm about to put my 2 week notice in on Monday. 80 hour work weeks are too much.....
Overheard my boss taking about her daughter who just came out to her. She was saying she couldn't talk to her anymore. What kind of parent is that?  What if she finds out im a lesbian too!
I overheard my supervisor and boss talking about 'keeping an eye on me' cos of my diabetes risk due to family history and cos I now live on my own. I don't need to be 'babysat' I'm 22yo Ffs. 😡
I overheard my boss saying that the managers need more work life balance. He finished a 50 hour week I just finished a 75 hour week. And I'm part time.
Cvs is apparently going to start selling packaged weed next year. I overheard my boss talking about it :/
I'm a young professional at a bank. Today I overheard my boss say how trashy tattoos are.....little does he know under my clothes are 9 works of art. I'm a top performer in his department