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"My 10-Year-Old Daughter Is On A Diet With Me Because She's Overweight."
Parents Tell All: My Kid Is Overweight

I feel so responsible that my son is fat
I keep him active and buy healthy foods but it's not doing enough
My 10 year old daughter is on a diet with me. She's 4'7 and 20 pounds overweight. It will build up if I don't control it.
I honestly don't care that my kids are getting fat
My son is overweight and the doctors are urging us to put him on a diet but his dad, who has custody, refuses to feed him healthy and seems uncaring that he could end up diabetic.
I don't want my daughter to be overweight like me, but I don't know how to prevent it without unintentionally fat shaming her. It keeps me up at night.
I feed my kids sugar, fast food, and a few other crappy things.
And I don't care if they eat food off the ground at home.

At least they are eating something.