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19 Special Effect Artists Reveal How They Bring Their Passion To Life
What is it like being a special effects makeup artist? When blood, latex and prosthetics are your medium of choice, the finished product is very different from that of your typical makeup artist. These SFX artists open up to offer a glimpse into their unusual profession. Find out what really goes on behind the curtain in these eye-opening confessions.

There's a difference between makeup artists and SFX makeup artists.

I'm a special effects make up artist.
I work with molds, silicon, latex, airbrush paints, grease pallets, fake blood, prosthetics and more. 
Yet I can't even put my eyeliner on straight.

Apples and oranges.

I'm a special effects makeup artist and I love my job but please don't expect me to make you look like Kim Kardashian when my canvas is Jabba The Hut


I'm a special effects makeup artist (self taught) and I was doing a zombie walk for my local arts council.
Got kicked out of where we were because it wasn't "family friendly."
I feel accomplished.

The opportunities to scare are endless.

I am a sfx makeup artist who specializes in dressing like Satan for fun. I like to go on omegle and scare people but it's even better when I start talking because i'm a girl with a high pitched voice


When I tell people I'm a special effects makeup artist they say "Oh I know someone who's getting married soon, could you do their makeup?" Not unless it's a Halloween wedding....

The struggle.

When you go to the movies and spend most of the time focused on the makeup and special effects.. being a makeup artist sucks sometimes lol