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25 Heartbreaking Yet Uplifting Cerebral Palsy Confessions
Cerebral Palsy is a physical disability that affects motor functions. Though it is caused by brain damage, many people with cerebral palsy suffer no intellectual damage. There is no cure, but it is manageable through various treatments. A great deal of people with cerebral palsy have gone above and beyond to have exceptional lives and careers.

It causes tremors.

My toddler decided today he won't eat anything that I spoonfeed him.

I have cerebral palsy and shake the spoon. I feel like a failure as a parent.

And affects motor functions.

I have Cerebral Palsy,
It doesn't have me.
Brain works just fine, 
Legs don't!

Speech can be difficult.

I said my first words after three years of speech therapy. I said, "I love..." And couldn't say anything else. For people who have cerebral palsy, this is a big effect for me
I have cerebral palsy and it affects my speech. I know exactly what I want to say but no one else does except my best friend of twelve years

Just want to be treated equally.

I am competing for Miss Teen WI but I have cerebral palsy and am super afraid of being discriminated against because I walk different 😭

It's difficult when family doesn't understand.

My kid sister just told me I'm lazy. I have CP, and use approximately 85% of my daily energy just to walk. I know she doesn't fully understand but I still feel like I've been slapped in the face.