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Real Life Experiences From Couples Who Swapped Partners
When things start to get boring in the bedroom, what do you do? Well, some couples decide to go way outside their regular comfort zone. If you know another who is down to try it, swapping partners might be something new and exciting to try, as long as everyone is using safe practices and being open and honest with each other.

More love to go around.

My boyfriend and I swapped partners with our best friends who are together. Never knew I could love so many people! It's a beautiful thing <3

It can be a serious turn on.

Me and my girlfriend often regularly have couple swap sex with a friend couple of ours. It's hot af.
Had a foursome once. And I greatly enjoyed it. Couples swap type ordeal.

Even easier if you're a twin.

Me and my twin bro swapped girlfriends for a night and got away with it!
My twin sister and I swap boyfriends almost every day. 
This has been happening for years and no one else but us know.

Best friends share everything after all.

Well, that was interesting! Just swapped wives with my best friend. Had a good time.