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17 Surprising Reasons Why Couple's Counseling Ruined These Relationships
Most couples look to therapy as a last resort when it comes to fixing the problems in their relationship. However, sometimes spilling your honest thoughts and feelings in front of your partner can lead to more friction and less intimacy. These 17 couples reveal the surprising reasons why their relationships only got worse after seeking help from a couple's therapist. From cheating scandals to burning bridges, find out what went down with these couples.

Crossed a line there.

My husband and I went to couple's therapy, and he ended up cheating on me with the therapist.

That's awful!

It's been over a year since I found out my husband was cheating on me. My son caught him and told me. We tried therapy, which made things worse so we separated.

You can't help how you feel.

My husband thinks couple's therapy is going to save our marriage, but it has made me realize I just don't love him anymore.

When you know, you know.

My wife and I went to our first marriage counseling session. After the session, I scheduled an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

It's a bumpy road.

Marriage counseling brought out the worst in my wife and I. We tried it for three years and it got so ugly that we decided to divorce.

It takes work on both sides.

I've done marriage counseling, it didn't work for me because my ex wife didn't want to even try. It only works if both people are willing to work at it.