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21 Singles Reveal The Reasons They Refuse To Date Anyone
Being a hopeless romantic in a hookup culture can be a special kind of hell. But for some people, even being a hopeless romantic is a lot to ask for. In a day and age where dating can be achieved with the touch of your finger tips, some people have sworn it off for their own personal reasons. Some choose to work on themselves before letting another person into their life while others want to be done with it altogether. If you've ever decided to give the dating game a quick break, perhaps you can relate to some of the confessions below.

Kids come first.

I'm a single mom and I refuse to date until my daughter is at least in high school. I feel like dating would take my time away from her.

Oh no...

I won't date until I get my braces off because I'm super self conscious of my smile

Maturity happens at different ages for everyone.

I'm in college.

I refuse to date because most guys my age are immature and childish.

Not everyone is proud of where they came from.

I won't date because I'm sorta embarrassed of my house...its old... I know it's stupid..

Everybody needs a nice set of wheels.

I won't date until I get a car so I can leave if I feel uncomfortable .

Focus on yourself first.

I refuse to date until I can control my anger issues. I will not risk losing control like my father, not even once.