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Brides Share The Worst Body-Shaming Comments They Got On Their Wedding Days

So mean.

I feel sad that my mum didn't want to see me in my wedding dress when she visited. She said there was no point because I was too fat.

The worst time to say something like that.

My mil chose the morning of my wedding day to say that my dress makes me look pregnant. I'm just fat with even lower self esteem now

Ummm....who does that?

On my wedding day, my husband's aunt told me "you know,  you don't look pregnant you just look fat". I was 36 and a half weeks pregnant.  She wonders why I can't stand her.

Way to kill the mood.

My nan asked "should you really be eating that?"

I was having my wedding cake

It's not her wedding.

My mom hates my tattoos, we have an agreement I will cover up all the visible ones at my wedding ceremony but once the reception begins the babies are coming out. She just wants "decent pictures"
I can't believe some people actually asked me if I'm gonna remove my plugs (stretched ears) and piercings and cover my tattoos for my wedding