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Inside Look: What It's Really Like When You Join A Pyramid Scheme
A pyramid scheme is an illegal business model that makes money on the investments of new recruits. These businesses come in many shapes and forms but, at the end of the day, they cost participants at the bottom of the pyramid their hard-earned money with little to no return on their investments. These individuals reveal that they have been or currently are involved in pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing programs. Find out what these independent distributors had to say about their experiences.

Is it for you?

I always tell everyone to get a job in multi level marketing. Seriously the best decision I've made.

It's a rough business model.

I found out I was in a pyramid scheme after I was in it for 2 years. The only way to make money is to scam 5 to 10 more people below you.

Recruits are vital to the success of a pyramid scheme.

I got involved in a pyramid scheme because of the girl I like. The tactics they use to keep recruits horrify me.

They may be difficult to spot.

I joined a business only to realise what a pyramid scheme it actually is

Don't mix business and pleasure.

I joined an MLM (pyramid scheme) knowing what it was.. I have enjoyed the results of their products but I really resent the 'forcing people to join' angle. I refuse to profiteer off of friends.

Some people make money doing it.

I'm an Independent Distributor for It Works! Global and I'm finally able to pay off some of my credit card debit!