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Girls Share The Rudest Comments Guys Made About Their Hair
Nothing can ruin a bomb hair day like some guy making a rude comment about your do. Maybe you tried a new short style, or dyed it a fabulous wild color, and just when you’re starting to really feel yourself, you hear him make some offhand joke about how it looks. Or maybe he didn’t say anything about the hair on your head, and instead made some snide remarks about the hair on your body? It’s not your fault you sometimes forget to shave your legs, or maybe you just don’t want to because it’s YOUR body after all. As hard as it might be to let it go, you can’t get his mean AF words out of your head and it’s the absolute WORST. The following Whispers are from women who’ve had this experience, and they share some of the rudest comments guys have made about their hair.

Your boyfriend shouldn't dictate what hair color is appropriate for you.

My boyfriend is mad that I dyed some of my hair purple and said he won't go out in public with me till its gone
This guy said my hair is GROSS because it's short ... Umm I did it for a reason to support my friend with cancer ..she just passed away yesterday ...

If a guy can't handle a bit of arm hair that's his problem.

I'm part Israeli so all of my hair is really dark and thick, and this one guy said i should shave my arm hair so i would look less disgusting
A black guy said my hair make me look African and slave. I'm black girl with natural hair 

Why there's so much hatred?

Now this is just mean. >:(

My boyfriend calls me hideous if I don't shave my legs every day

It hurts
One time I spent all morning doing my hair and I walked into class confident about myself and right when I walked in some guy said "looks like you just got out of bed."