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15 Jaw-Dropping Confessions On What Staying In A Mental Hospital Is Actually Like
When your mental health takes a toll, you may end up in a psychiatric ward for help. Although the media and movies have portrayed these places to be strange and scary, is that really the case? Only people who have been inside the doors know for sure. These confessions are from those patients who have been admitted to a mental hospital. Their stories will surely shock you.

That's heavy.

I met my wife in a mental hospital. We were both suicide patients.

Sometimes you find hope in the darkest of places.

I was in the psych ward of the hospital last week. It was the first place/time I've ever felt 100% accepted. I'm 23.

Everyone is different.

To be completely honest, I liked the mental hospital more than I like the outside world.

Where is the security at!?

I lost my virginity, snorted pills, smoked cigarettes and weed for the first time... in a mental hospital...

Feeling less alone really helps.

Tbh I really miss living in the mental hospital. Everyone understood this Hell I'm going through. We were enduring the journey together. The real world doesn't give a shit.

Everyone just wants to fit in.

While in a psych ward I lied about abusing drugs and alcohol to feel like I belonged there.