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Students Confess: What It's Really Like To Be In Law School
Studying to become a lawyer is insanely difficult. This time consuming field requires students to work their butts off and make law school their entire life. These confessions are from students who are working away in law school and have lots to say about it. If you didn't realize how dedicated lawyers are before, you will now.

Pretty sure that's not possible.

I’m in law school to become a divorce attorney and kind of fully intend to do my own divorce once I graduate...lol


I’ve never been as stressed out as law school makes me.

It’s like I went from what I thought was stress to actual stress.


I learn more in one class in law school than I did in high school and college combined.


I don't need any man to provide for me. The entire reason I'm in law school is so I can provide for myself. When I really love a man, it's unconditional.


I’m afraid my girlfriend’s going to break up with me because we’re dating long distance. However, I only moved away to go to law school so we could have the life we always wanted one day...

Timing is everything.

I’ve realized that until I graduate law school, I won’t be able to have a real relationship. There’s just not enough time between school and work