Yeah, it’s official: I hate dating!!! I just want to date someone who doesn’t like me just because I haven’t gotten bottom surgery yet. It's a sick fetish.

Live your truth!

I feel that the more I accept my identity, the stronger it gets and the more dysphoria I notice... 
First I thought I'd only like to change pronouns. Now I'm dreaming of bottom surgery...

Waiting is tough.

I hate that I have to wait a year to get my bottom surgery.

It can be hard for a mother to let go.

My Mother thinks she has a say on whether I get top and bottom surgery because she birthed me. 

Sorry mom, what???

Not true, at all.

I'm a FtM trans, but I don't want bottom surgery. I keep getting told I'm not really trans if I don't want it. I already have medical issues and it's too much of a risk. Will I ever be taken seriously?

It's not cheap.

Top and bottom surgery costs combined is about $61,000 
Not including my hysterectomy.