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23 Things In Disney Movies That Used To Creep Us Out As Kids
We usually have very fond memories of Disney movies. The animated films are cult classics that mostly filled our childhood with joy and entertainment. However, there were also moments of shock and terror that were difficult to comprehend as a kid. What Disney movie moments used to terrify you as a kid?

Loud, angry voices.

In Beauty and The Beast, when the Beast screams at Belle for going into the west wing, I would watch that scene through my finger slits.
That one scene in Pinnochio when the mean guy screams at and threatens to burn him. Never watching again.

Too much like real life.

The creepy hyenas from The Lion King freak me out. God they remind me of the coyotes that live down the street from me.

Dysfunctional families.

Scar killing his brother and blaming it on his nephew.
It was the moment I realised family will turn on family for selfish reasons.
What child needs to know that


For me, the scariest scene in any Disney movie is when Bambi's mother got shot.

The unknown.

I think the whole trippy scene in Winnie the Pooh is so creepy.