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20 Surprising Home Birth Confessions
It's no secret: Giving birth hurts. We've all seen movies and TV shows where women are screaming bloody murder on a doctor's table. For many women, that imagery is terrifying. They opt into epidurals and pain killers to avoid a painful situation. Other women, however, steer right into discomfort. They say no to hospitals and drugs, opting for home births. Ever wonder what they're thinking? Scroll down to find out.

Get it, Mamma!

Yesterday I gave birth to my daughter. I had an all natural water birth at home. So proud of myself for sticking it out without drugs or going to the hospital.

Next time?

Seeing home birth pictures makes me so sad because I attempted home birth and had to transfer to the hospital and have a C Section

That's hard for an excited grandma-to-be.

My husbands mother is upset I'm having a home birth and we asked Her (and everyone else) not to visit for the first week.

You do you!

I'm planning a home birth and am so tired of the naysayers.  This is my body's highest purpose!  It's safe and healthy!

Haters gunna hate.

I plan on having a home birth but my husband and I aren't telling anyone because we don't want their uninformed opinions pushed on us.

Is this necessary?

My husband wants me to have a home birth so our dog can be there when our daughter is born.
So cute