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19 People Reveal The Secret Habits No One Knows About
What's your secret habit? On the surface, most people are easy enough to read to the point where you can expect certain behaviors from them. Then there are those unassuming people who surprise you by doing things you would never expect. When people are alone, things can get pretty weird. These 19 individuals confess to the weird and shocking things that they do behind closed doors. No one in their life knows that they do these things, but now you do. Find out what they had to say about their secret life in these surprising confessions.

Some people get pedicures every month. And others...maybe not.

I love biting skin off the bottom of my feet with my teeth. No one knows about this freak habit obviously. I can't explain it but it's so satisfying.

What's wrong with bein' confident?!

I just realized my weird habit of giving myself a vain smile in the mirror every time i wash my hands at the sink.

Hmmm, this sounds familiar.

I love being home alone and standing in the kitchen eating Ritz with peanut butter and jelly on them. I do it in my underwear. It's my yummy secret snack.

Nobody wants a wet shirt!

My weirdest habit?
Pulling my shirt up (like crop top length) when I use the toilet. I guess I'm afraid of my shirt falling in the toilet lol. *Cringes at self*

Escape Room: Home Edition

When Im home alone, i act like im in a horror movie or horror game, like i have to survive

You can never be too clean!

I wash my hands after I get out of the shower. I know it is a weird thing to do but I just always do it!