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21 Awkward Moments People Have Experienced In The Condom Aisle
Depending on your age or your personality, buying condoms can seem super awkward, or you might not care what anyone thinks. Either way, awkward moments can happen. People might look at you weird, or you might run into that ex you never wanted to see again. Hey, at least you're being responsible by trying to stay safe! And at least some of these people's experiences were probably more embarrassing than yours was!

How old did she think they looked?!

When I was 10, I walked by the condom aisle and the girl there seriously asked which type I would like to buy. Like WTF?

Hey, own it!

I get nervous when buying condoms because i have to get larger ones and the cashiers always look at me weird

This might eventually get you kicked out of the store...

I like to walk down the condom aisle late at night and give high school kids and old men suggestions on what works best to make them uncomfortable


I saw this couple buying condoms the other day. The guy grabbed a box that said XL and his wife gave him the most unimpressed look, grabbed the box and said, "Don't even try to pretend, babe."

Why self check-out is important...

So I was buying condoms at the store today and my friend's dad was the one scanning the items… I'm a girl btw.

At least you won't end up with two kids.

Felt so akward buying condoms, there was a dad with his two kids and I was frantically searching for my size 😂😂