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19 Confessions From Women Who Got Their Tubes Tied
What is it actually like to get your tubes tied? While the subject divides people with its controversial nature, people choose to do it for a number of very personal reasons. These 19 women made the leap and got their tubes tied. Were they happy with their decision or did they regret it? Check out their honest reflections on the experience.

People are quick to judge.

When people ask if I have kids, I just say I'm infertile. Truthfully, I had my tubes tied when I was 24 because I never wanted them. Technically not lying... Just tired of the harsh judgement I get.

You never know...

I got my tubes tied when I was 22 after my 3rd child... I kinda hope one grows back so I can have one more.

Healing takes time.

I got my tubes tied <3 recovery sucks but so happy I'll never get pregnant

You could regret it later.

I deeply regret getting my tubes tied. I wish I could reverse it because I want to be pregnant again so badly!


Found out 2 weeks after having my tubes tied that the guy I've been with for a year and a half wanted to knock me up. You had over a year to do it. I'm not going to feel guilty about it now.

The struggle.

Got my tubes tied but want another baby, I can't bring myself to tell my husband