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Male Victims Of Sexual Assault Reveal What Happened That Caused Them To Say #MeToo
When most of us think about the #Metoo movement, we automatically have an idea in mind: the outcry of women being sexually assaulted by men. It's about time their voices have been heard! The movement has shed light on so many female survivor stories. The open conversation is a remarkable moment in our history. However, women unfortunately aren't the only victims here. Despite some opinions against men using this hashtag, there is an overwhelming amount of men who have come forward with their stories of sexual assault. They too have been victims. They too have suffered. They too have been holding it in. Sexual assault truly doesn't discriminate. Whether it is by another man or a female, men get taken advantage of too. Here are their stories.


I was lured by a man for a massage and was forced into sexual acts. I thought I was going to help with a practicum.  I'm also a guy...

Anyone can be a victim, sadly.


Im a guy who was 'had' by a man when I was 16. Sexual assault can happen to anyone.

The movement includes everyone.

I’m a man who’s been sexually assaulted. But I don’t feel like the whole #metoo includes me...

Such a garbage thing to do.


This guy got on top of me while I was asleep and ultimately gave me an STD.

Gay male here.

Hands to yourselves, ladies!

I remember being 16 and working at a bingo hall. Middle aged and old women would grab my ass regularly. I was supposed to be ok with it because I'm a guy. #metoo

It can be scary to share your story.

Being a man that was a victim of sexual assault, I can totally understand a woman's reticence to speak up.
#metoo #solidarity