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19 Parents Explain Why They Keep Their Kids On Leashes
Have you ever seen a child in a harness and wondered what the heck was going on? As it turns out, there's plenty of good reasons parents keep their children on leashes. I mean, just imagine having FOUR two-year-olds. After reading these, you'll never judge leash parenting again.

These parents keep there kids on a leash, and for good reason.

Shopping with my son is so much more enjoyable since I bought the leash :)

Kids are trouble makers.

Children on leashes are a great idea. 

Your child is safer, and they are less likely to get into trouble.

They cannot be trusted in public places.

My son wears a leash in public places because he runs at the speed of light. People are always giving me judgmental faces. At least he won't fall into a gorilla encloser
Why can't people understand that I need to keep my daughter on her toddler leash for her health and everybody else's safety? With it on she isn't hurting anyone and I can control her better.

They don't even notice.

My daughter likes her child safety harness AKA leash. She thinks it's funny.

To each his own.

I hate when people yell at me for "abusing" my daughter when I have her on her toddler leash or I smack her butt. I'm not hurting her and it's for her health! Why can't people understand that!?

Scary things happen when kids aren't being watched.

I don't care what looks I get.. My child will be on a kid leash in certain places. Id rather be frowned upon than mourning the loss of my child.

Safety first!

There's literally nothing wrong with putting children on child reigns or a 'leash' if it is necessary to keep them safe

It helps them get out energy.

I don't get why people get all bent out of shape for putting a child on a leash. I'd rather let my children walk than sit on their in a stroller.

Their brains aren't fully developed.

When people Lose their minds when a Parent puts their child on a leash is just stupid... they say "the child is human, not an animal."
No... They're not Humans, they're just Training to be human.

It's not a big deal!

I don't understand why people are so offended by a kid with a leash

When you have multiples, it's your only hope.

The amount of times I've thought of actually getting those kid leash things for when we're in public is unreal...
I have two year old Quads.
I get a lot of hate for having my kid on a backpack leash and I'm really tired of defending my need of them.

So what other viable options are there for someone with 3 kids?

There's a way to do it right.

I was a leash kid. My parents had a wrist leash on me in public. By the time I was able to start remembering my childhood, I had been off of the leash for 2 years. It isn't abuse if used correctly.

Kids are speed demons.

There's nothing wrong with child leashes. Small children move quickly and disappear fast. Better safe than sorry. 
You can't literally be looking at them every single second.
I actually think it's insane to NOT put a leash on your child. Those little guys can run.

People have flights to catch.

I work at an airport and if all children were kept on leashes there would be a lot less tears and PA announcements

Parents are only human.

I'm so sick of people who don't have kids thinking it's ok to judge. I use the kid leashes for my twins when I'm alone get over it they are 3 and I don't split into 2 people

They've seen what can happen.

You don't get to judge me for putting a leash on my daughter. You weren't there when she almost got ran over.

Cuz, tough love.

When I become a mother I will spank my kids if there is no other choice. I will put them on leashes when we are at a crowded place and will force them to eat their veggies


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