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19 Parents Explain Why They Keep Their Kids On Leashes
Have you ever seen a child in a harness and wondered what the heck was going on? As it turns out, there's plenty of good reasons parents keep their children on leashes. I mean, just imagine having FOUR two-year-olds. After reading these, you'll never judge leash parenting again.

These parents keep there kids on a leash, and for good reason.

Shopping with my son is so much more enjoyable since I bought the leash :)

Kids are trouble makers.

Children on leashes are a great idea. 

Your child is safer, and they are less likely to get into trouble.

They cannot be trusted in public places.

My son wears a leash in public places because he runs at the speed of light. People are always giving me judgmental faces. At least he won't fall into a gorilla encloser
Why can't people understand that I need to keep my daughter on her toddler leash for her health and everybody else's safety? With it on she isn't hurting anyone and I can control her better.

They don't even notice.

My daughter likes her child safety harness AKA leash. She thinks it's funny.

To each his own.

I hate when people yell at me for "abusing" my daughter when I have her on her toddler leash or I smack her butt. I'm not hurting her and it's for her health! Why can't people understand that!?