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I Am An "Influencer" And This Is What Being An Instagram Model Is Like
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Me: when did "online influencer" become a job?
Also Me:  how do I get that job?
I’m a social media influencer. I’m sure you’ve seen all those Instagram posts of blue water and sexy girls in bikinis posing with guys. I’m one of those guys.
I'm an "Instagram influencer" as they call it these days. Therefore, I'm one of the people who represent everything that's wrong with this virtual post-informational society.
My manager was yelling because my social media isn't set to private. I plan to be an influencer.
She said the people I'm influencing with my type of photos are guys.
What 'type' of photos?It's my face
Why is every influencer getting surgery?? Get me out of this superficial world
Finding someone on my level is hard...
I own two businesses
Am a mom
And a social influencer in my area...
I can't seem to find anyone that's close to equal.