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True Life: I'm An Indigo Child
What does it mean to be an indigo child? According to a New Age concept, these "are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities". Typically indigo children are born around the 1970s, and the following generations of "gifted" kids are known as Crystal and Rainbow children. All of these kids are said to be born with heightened sensitivities, psychic abilities, and important life purposes. How do these children discover they have special "powers"? It's hard to say when they start showing their unusual abilities to the world, but once they realize it, their lives are different forever. Don't believe in it? Read these awe-inspiring confessions... they might change your mind.

It doesn't need to happen all at once.

I am an awakening indigo child. Im so scared. I feel like i need to save the world.

All the pieces fall into place.

When you learn that you are an indigo child and suddenly everything in your life makes complete sense

With a deep sense of empathy, too.

An indigo child is like an earth angel/incarnated angel. With the power to heal. We are very self aware and are in touch with what people now refer as sixth senses. Warriors.

A wavelength outside the norm.

I just figured out why I'm different and why I don't fit in. I vibrate at a higher frequency than most people.
I'm an Indigo Child


Is there such thing as a mix between an indigo and crystal child? Because  I have all the traits of both.

Don't be afraid of who you are. Try to embrace it.

I'm a indigo child. I'm an empath. I'm afraid.

Indio children sometimes see and feel things differently.

I'm an indigo child. That's where someone can hear and see ghosts. They always whisper in my ears. You might think I'm crazy, so do I.

They aren't make-believe.

I'm an "indigo child"
It makes things hard for me. 
No one but immediate family knows. 
Yes, we exist.

Are parents supposed to treat their kids differently?

I have just realised I'm an indigo child and I think my mother knew all along and tried to suppress it.

That's right.

Apparently, I am a Crystal Child according to New Age theory. I always have been a peacemaker and autistic so maybe it's right about that. All I know is I am what God made me to be.

Sometimes it's an out-of-body experience.

I feel like I'm floating through the waves of energy. 
{indigo child}

Keep learning.

I have no clue if I'm an indigo child, crystal child, incarcerated angel, a combination or just a normal person. It's like the more I learn the scatterbrained I become.

So much energy to read.

I wish people believed me when I said I see energy... I'm not mentally ill nor do I have any disabilities. And I'm not looking 4 attention. Life as an indigo child can almost make you go insane!

Trying to stay in the present can be difficult.

I am an old soul, a lone wolf, and indigo child. I wonder what my past lives were, and what my future ones will be, or if there will be.

Some days are more taxing than others.

I'm a indigo child, I help people with issues they experience spiritually.. I can talk to, feel, see, and even take on spiritual beings like I'm a genie bottle.. It's taking it's tole today..

Explore more.

I just read an article on indigo children and there traits. I have all of those traits and I sometimes use magic and or psychic abilities.i also have an ability but it's locked.what does this mean?

Not everyone has these unique gifts.

I want to find other REAL Indigo Children not just those who have adopted the name as a part of a growing fad.

It all makes sense now.

I always knew there was something different about me. Reading people like a book isn't normal. 

Someone told me about the indigo children and I am one.

Creators, dreamers, believers.

Indigo children!! Remember we are capable of doing anything. We are pure energy!! The night owls of the world! We create!!

Once you find out, it's almost a relief.

I thought I was an Indigo child but I saw this website and it posted something about crystal children that describes me so much that it freaked me out how accurate it was 🙃


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