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Sober Love: These Couples Reveal What It's Like Being Sober Together
Addiction is a deadly disease. If you are serious about getting sober, it's important that people in your life are supportive. These couples have dealt with addiction and are staying sober together. Having a partner going through the same thing as you can be really helpful. However, sometimes it can get complicated. These confessions reveal what it's really like when you're sober with your partner.


My boyfriend is a recovering addict, so I decided to become sober too!! 100 days sober for me, 6 months for him. I'm so proud of him.

Do it for the kids.

My husband and I are alcoholics. We sobered up the day we found out I was pregnant. May 29th will mark two years sober for us.


Me and my girlfriend didn't have any issues until we got sober. Now I think the end is near.

Never look back!

My boyfriend took me by the hand and together, we fought our opiate addiction. We're 2 weeks sober, and now, my estranged husband wants me back because my addiction was why he left... I'm so lost.

When you crave to go back...

Both my husband and I have been too sober for too long. It makes things harder.

Start over strong!

My husband and I have been sober for a year and 6 months. We just relapsed...