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Men Tell All: My Wife Gained Weight & I Hate Everything About It
How would you respond if your significant other gained a substantial amount of weight? While some may be accepting of the physical changes, there are others who have some stronger opinions. These men aren't holding back as they talk about their wives' and girlfriends' noticeable weight gain. Find out what they had to say about it in these brutal confessions.

A wandering eye will always cause drama.

Ever since my wife gained 50 lbs, I can't take my eyes off the smaller women I see around the neighborhood.

Sometimes you just can't shake how you feel.

I'm not sexually attracted to my wife anymore. Its more of a chore to have sex than fun.. She has gained 80 lbs

So sad.

I can’t bring myself to do my wife because she is fat now. I pretend I just want to cuddle. My marriage has become an obligation.

Oh no!

The wifey has gained a lot of weight and now doesn't want to have sex anymore because of it. I feel like I need a side girl now. This whole no sex thing is killing me.

Sometimes you just can't help what you're into.

I feel like a terrible person. My wife gained weight and I'm just not attracted to her anymore.

Shots fired!!!

My wife gained 34.5 lbs so I started hiding from her so she would get off the couch and find me. Just for exercise.