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22 Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal
What's it like getting laser hair removal? While the possibility of permanently removing all unwanted body hair can be tempting, the big question is: is it worth it? These 22 confessions about real-life laser hair removal experiences will help you decide. How bad is the pain? How are the results? Read on to find out.

Your significant other should thank you.

I had my laser hair removal appointment today. It’s so painful but the results are amazing! My boyfriend’s lucky I took care of the she-Sasquatch body hair I had.

The test alone seals the deal.

Had my first Laser Hair removal consultation today. They did a test to see how my skin would react. Quite interesting.
3 hair follicles fell out.

The hair just comes off.

 Shaving has become so much easier since my first laser session. It's like the hair wants to jump off my face as badly as I want it to!

One session and it's already looking promising.

Haven't shaved for four days and there's almost nothing on my cheeks.

After ONE laser hair removal treatment.

So excited for more.

The anticipation of pain can be too much.

I have my first laser hair removal appointment in half an hour and I already want to flake and just not go. The thought of being in pain is scary!

You need several treatments, even for this:

I have hair on my big toe. You'd think it'd only take one laser hair removal treatment to rid it for good, but nope.