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"I got an STD 3 days before my wedding because my fiancé cheated on me."
A bride's wedding day is the day she's been dreaming of all her life. It's supposed to be a perfect day of love and commitment and celebration. So when your husband to be cheats so close to the big day, what are you supposed to do? Everything has been paid for, the guest list sent. It's seriously mixed emotions. Here's how these 20 brides reacted to their fiances' infidelity...


My ex fiancé  who cheated on me right before the wedding, now got cheated on by that same girl. 
You've no idea, I rejoiced.  And then I  felt bad, but dang karma!

Should have told her that way before the wedding.

I am supposed to get married this Saturday.

Last night, my fiancé drunkenly confessed to having cheated on me at a party 2 years ago.

This morning, I called off the wedding.

Savage move.

Saturday is my wedding and I don't love him.. Because he cheated on me once ..but I'm making him a surprise on that day will not show up to my wedding.. I'll be on my vacation in Maldives 😉

Definitely collect interest on that.

I paid 3000 dollars for my best friends wedding last year because she didn't have a lot and needed help. She cheated on her husband and are now getting divorced.
I want my money back

Betrayal takes time to get over.

I got butterflies in my stomach every day when I was with my ex. I miss that feeling. I still don't understand why she cheated 1 month before our wedding

You're not alone in the feeling.

I was cheated on by my fiancé and best friend 2 weeks before our wedding. I'm afraid nobody will ever love me the way I want to be loved.