Super sweet.

Why do people have to say "half sibling" my siblings are half related to me and I introduce them as my sister and brother unless people ask for more detail

Very scary to image.

Still in the process of shock, finding out a sibling you've taken care of for so many years os your half-sibling is just, Idk. (I had divorced parents, mom had relations w/ dad and another man.)
My mom had 3 kids (me and my brothers) however my manwhore dad had who knows how many. I just found out about a 4th half sibling I didn't know I had. Relations all over the states.

Moving forward.

I met my half sibling for the time today... I actually am happy I met him
The shittiest part about being the half sibling / step child is your never going to be really part of the family because you're just the product of a damaged couple!!!


I don't consider my half sibling my actual siblings because technically they aren't entirely ur siblings