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19 Veterans Confess The Real Reasons They Were Discharged From The Military
There is nothing more disappointing to a military serviceman than devoting your entire life to single cause only to get discharged. Sadly, that's exactly what happened to the following men and women. Most men and women join the military with the intention of serving for most of their life. So what happens when their dreams are taken away from them? Read below to find out.

This could have been prevented .

I was just discharged from the military and diagnosed as schizophrenic. Parents, please pay close attention your child's eccentricities... it may not be just personality quirks.

Nothing hurts more than being denied something you want badly.

I was in the military for 6 months but was discharged for being bipolar. Today kills me because I wanted to serve but couldnt. I tried and I failed.

Don't let others bring you down.

I was discharged from the military due to medical reasons. A lot of people forget that I was ever in the army. I just wish that people would quit trying to say I'm not a veteran.

Actions have consequences.

I got discharged from the military because I failed a drug test. It was the dumbest decision I made because I tried to look cool and now I feel like my life is over.

The military isn't for everybody.

I'm getting discharged from the military because it was hard to adapt to the life style and people are calling me a failure.


I was medically discharged from the military for sleep walking. I think they thought I was going to eventually hurt someone by accident.