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17 Scandalous Secrets About Scamming People Out Of Money
How do scammers get people to hand over their hard earned money? While it may seem like it could never happen to you, these scammers show just how easy it is to take your money. Learn the secret tricks they use to scam you. Read on for the jaw-dropping secrets.

The people reveal how they scammed people out of money.

A few years back I scammed loads of people. I was a bogus charity collector. It was only a few bucks each. What should I do.
I have prayed for forgivness. Is that enough ?
Best buy was being super stingy. So I scammed them out of $50 lol.
I scammed Sephora of nearly $200 worth of makeup

That's shocking.

I scammed my ex boyfriend out of $23,000
I scammed people at a school dance selling free glowsticks they gave out at the beginning and made over 100 dollars

Is it okay to scam a scammer?

I scammed a scammer on 300€ on a game called CS:GO and I have no regrets. I wouldn't scam an innocent person just to let u know..