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19 Jaw-Dropping Reasons Couples Called Off Their Weddings
There's no doubt that wedding planning is stressful. But the love you have for your partner should be enough to help you overcome those difficult periods in the relationship. That's why these 19 people didn't make it down the aisle with their significant other. Here's why they finally decided to call it quits and cancel the wedding.

Wedding planning can get ugly.

My fiancé and I called off our wedding & ended our relationship because we were fighting so much over the wedding plans,finance, etc.

You can't agree to disagree.

My fiancé and I called off our wedding because I wanted to adopt kids and he wanted me to have kids. Neither of us could compromise. I will never HAVE children
I called off my wedding because he wouldn't sign a prenup (There were other reasons, but this was the biggest)

Respect is important.

I’m glad I called off the wedding because im not going to marry a man that doesn’t respect my words especially when I say no


I just called off my wedding a few months back because I realized we were incompatible for the long haul. It was tough because I love her, but we wouldn't be right for each other.


3 months ago my brother called off his wedding because he found out that his now ex fiance cheated on him, now she is pregnant. How do I tell him that his ex fiance is pregnant with my kid?