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Kids Tell All: My Parents Hate Me
Does your teen think that you hate him or her? Many parents claim that’s a preposterous thought. “Of course I love my kid, they should know that. How could they think I hate them?” But the sad truth is that children are very sensitive to their parents’ emotions and reactions. They need regular, nay, constant validation of their worth and being lovable. Need proof? Just type in "why do my parents" in Google search and the first thing that comes up is "hate me." Now type in "why does my mom" and "why does my dad." Same result. Teens are a Google generation. They search everything that's on their minds. And these search terms sadly reflect what a lot of teens feel about their relationships with their parents.


My parents hate me because I'm athiest... They don't even say "I love you" or "Goodmorning" anymore. It hurts.


My mom ruined my life. I have real mental issues because of her.  Now she pretends to regret and be sad. So now I don't get to be angry, because then I'm a bad child. I hate her so much.

Gee, thanks, Dad!

thanks to my dad having multiple credit cards in my name i am 19 and owe over $100,000 in debt.. i have to give up going to school and getting a degree to work a dead end job...
My parents sabotaged my life.They made sure to convince me that a good son would do anything for their parents, in return the bled me dry financially now that I have no money to give them they hate me
I think my parents purposely leave me out of family gatherings because I'm a lesbian and they are embarrassed by me.
Found out my mom intentionally kept my dad from seeing me when I was younger cuz they weren't married and he couldn't afford a lawyer.... She told me he just didn't want me
My dad ruined my life... Literally. I'm homeless and seventeen years old because he can't get over my mother leaving him ten years ago.
It's sad that I have to resort to freezing my credit because my mom memorized my SSN. She ruined her credit, then my dad's credit, and my older sister's... Ugh.
I never had my parents love. My mom preferred all the men's company and I grew up alone. I'm 30 and still traumatized. She ruined my life and I can't move forward. Parents, never abandon your child!
My parents had me arrested for a felony so I would move back home.
I blame my mom for my eating disorder. She has been pushing me to lose weight since the age of 10. And look at me now. Too bad it took me this long to realize that her opinion dosen't matter.
Just found out my dad stole my inheritance.... Thanks dad coulda just asked
I hate my mother because she chose alcohol over being a parent and I hate that I'm the bad one because I'm the one that finally left
My parents made me drop out of college .
When they found out that I was lesbian
My mother hates me because at 3 yrs old I was molested by her boyfriend and got him arrested. She didn't believe me but he had abused her all the time...

This is just terrible

My mom forced me on birth control knowing there was a possibility that I was pregnant last Nov. It caused me to miscarry..I still don't know how to feel about it. She said "that was the point."
Ten years ago, my father held me captive and tried to kill me.

I wonder who I'd be, if it wasn't for that.
Sometimes I wonder why my mom hates me.

Shes made me cry to the point of dehydration day

That doesn't seem fair.

My mom hates me, and it's cause I look exactly like her....
My mom hates me because I remind her of her own mom.


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