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Lesbians Get Real About The Type Of Ladies They Like To Date
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. Although anything can happen when it comes to love, most people have a 'type' that they gravitate towards. Sometimes it's a look, sometimes it's a personality trait and sometimes it's just a vibe you pick up on. For these lesbians, they have a very clear idea of what they hope to find in another woman. From predictable to unexpected, these confessions prove that knowing what you want is half the battle when it comes to finding a partner.

You need new friends, not a new type!

People always ask me about my type and I'm always afraid to say I really like masculine girls. My friends picked on me for it and called me a fake lesbian. I don't want it to happen again..

Mayfair, Georgia, US

That's convenient.

My “type” seems to be girls with blue hair. Which is lucky because most girls with blue hair I’ve met are lesbian or bi 😊

Bristol, England, GB

It's good to know what you are looking for.

My type? Tall, thick, mixed, and lesbian        😍😍

Springfield, Ohio, US

Bow chica wow wow!

I'm a lesbian and I've found out my type: Muslim girls 😭

Front Royal, Virginia, US


Soo my type of woman I like have to be black, tall, and have tattoos n piercings.
21 year old lesbian here!

South Bend, Indiana, US

You like what you like.

I am a larger girl and I like larger girls, but every lesbian or bi girl I’ve met is skinny. I have nothing against that, but it’s just not my type and I don’t know why.

Hamilton, Ontario, CA