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18 Employees Reveal Awesome Perks They Only Give To Nice Customers
Get on their good side

I work at McDonald's. Sometimes if the customer is really nice and polite I will add extra stuff to their order,  like either fill their fries up fuller or put an extra nugget in their box.
I work in retail.
If a customer is really nice to me and doesn't treat me like a slave, I give them my employee discount.
I work at Ulta, and if a customer is really pretty or nice, I'll give them the $5 off coupon if they don't have one, even though we're not suppose to.
At work, sometimes if customers are nice I won't charge the extra for the dipping sauce. But if you're rude, you better believe you get charged $0.30! $0.25 for sauce. $0.05 for rudeness!
I work retail. When a customer is nice, I will go above and beyond checking for whatever looking for - the back, online, other stores.  If rude? Bitch,  we don't have it!
I work at a credit union. If you're nice to me, I'll go through your account and waive fees you've assessed without telling you. So be nice to people.
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