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"We had sex in the delivery room when I was in labor."
Giving birth is one of the most magnificent, incredible, perplexing, and unforgettable events in life — not only for the mother but for anyone else who touches that day. It can be hard to understand and yet amazing to see. And the delivery room…wow. The screaming, the crying, the smiling. The pain, the joy, the worry, the relief. So many emotions in one life event, so many different experiences — different meaning possibly unexpected, wild and shocking. These labor stories might change the way you think about the day of your own birth!

Can you blame her? Target is life!

Uber drive of the month:
Today I drove a pregnant woman in labor from Target to the Hospital, shopping bags included. 👶🏼

Well that's a story for the kid one day...

My friend just went into labor at a club #BadParent

But did you keep the baby??

I gave birth to a baby last week. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was told by the doctor I went to because I was in pain from being in labor. My family still doesn't know.

Hopefully she doesn't hold a grudge.

A week ago was my sister's wedding.

I ended up going into labor for my son halfway through the ceremony.

I felt so bad I stole her spotlight...


I had music playing while I was in labor. 

My daughter was born to Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"


I have such a high pain tolerance. I didn't know I was in labor. I calmly drove myself to the hospital. I was 8 cm. The nurses were flabbergasted.