One side of the aisle is about to be really empty.

 I'm having a destination wedding so it easier for my fiancé's family. But now, none of my friends can make it. 

I'm devastated.

All that planning can be worth it.

A few people said my Vegas destination wedding was the best they've been to. We really planned it out to make it fun for our guests so I was happy to hear that!

Well this sucks.

I'm getting married in a destination wedding and none of my family will be there. It's not what I was hoping for.
My greatest fear in planning a wedding was that nobody would come.

Had to cancel my destination wedding because nobody could be bothered to even RSVP.

Not everyone has the means for it.

I'm having a destination wedding. I told my guests to only come if they could afford it because I know not everyone will be able to.
Screw all the planning. I'm just going to do a destination wedding where our honeymoon will be so I don't have to worry about financing for 100+ other people to attend our special day