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32 Frustrating Challenges Of Planning A Destination Wedding
Jetting off to some romantic locale to get married to the man or woman of your dreams may be appealing on paper. But what really goes into planning a destination wedding? These 32 couples are getting hitched away from home and are opening up about the challenges they've encountered. Find out what you should and shouldn't do when planning your destination wedding.

Keeping track of your guests in tough.

I had to give my mom the "no sneaking drugs to my wedding through customs" talk I feel like I'm the parent, I'm having a destination wedding.


My wedding is being live streamed because it's a destination wedding. I plan on flipping my parents off on camera because they are choosing not to be there because I'm gay, and I know they'll see it.

Good luck.

Trying to plan an affordable destination wedding...I don't think those 2 words can be in the same sentence! :-(
I planned a destination wedding with the assumption that most of my family wouldn't go. Just found out a lot of them are planning on attending it and I'm rethinking the whole thing.
I don't work atm, my fiancé makes $12/hr.
We save religiously. Currently planning our destination wedding and shopping for our first investment property.
Money management is a valuable skill.
I am having a destination wedding and was sad that I wasn't going to get a bridal shower or bach party. Turns out everyone is really bad at keeping secrets and they are planning at the resort!