Everyday tasks become a challenge.

Hard to accept that I'm a wounded veteran. PTSD really hurts and stops me from doing the most  basic tasks. I feel like I get in the way more than anything.

Many people don't know a great person when they see one.

Apparently being an injured female veteran makes me less desirable

How are they supposed to move on with their new lives if they're held back?

As an Army Veteran, I would think that I would have had more job opportunities, but due to my being injured, I can't find a decent job.

Do they deserve the title?

I don't feel like a veteran. I was injured but I never made it out of basic. It happens.

The country should be doing more to help its wounded vets.

I am an injured veteran. I am not entitled to good health care, I earned it. I hate the VA with a burning passion.

This is terrible.

I have PTSD from being blown up and injured in Iraq and losing one of my Soldiers. But the VA doesn't believe me anymore because I've had it for 7 years.