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17 Eye-Opening Secrets From Wounded Veterans
While the country and many organizations claim that they are all about helping wounded veterans, the sad reality is that people's interest in the soldiers who return home from war is very small. Some veterans argue that many civilians and big companies are "all talk" and they offer support and praise for soldiers just to look good when in reality, veterans are receiving little to no help for the entirety of their recovery. It's no secret that the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has its share of problems and the only thing making matters worse is their lack of expediency in fixing said problems. Returning home isn't always guaranteed to be easy, but how do you cope with PTSD when you've exhausted all your resources?

Never let hate fill your emotions.

I am a "wounded veteran" - but all I see is a pathetic person who can't hold down a job because of medical problems 
I hate myself

So much for "For better or worse."

I'm a wounded veteran and my wife left me last year because she grew tired of taking care of me. Can't say I blame her.


I'm 25 and a veteran. The VA denied me handicap after surgery because "I'm too young and shouldn't be permanently injured for my age." I got hurt in battle.


11 months ago injured in Iraq. Today driving for Uber. Jobs just say they care for vets to look good.

Don't degrade yourself.

I am a Wounded veteran and I feel worthless sometimes.....
I was hurt during training not overseas

We are our toughest critics.

I am a USMC combat wounded veteran, and I think America hates me for it. It's like I failed meeting everyone's expectations.