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Life At Sea: This What It's Really Like To Work On A Cruise Ship
Being able to enjoy a cruise as you float around the world is a treat that some people are lucky enough to experience. Food, drinks, entertainment and loads of other amenities are readily available for patrons as they sail to their next destination. This carefree way of travel doesn't just appear out nowhere. An extensive crew is working 24/7 on the ship to make sure everything is running smoothly. Think this a vacation for them? Think again. This is what it's really like to work on a cruise ship.


I work in housekeeping on a cruise ship. Due to lack of work during winter season, I've just been given 52 days off with pay. I love my job!

Life can't always be a vacation.

Working on a cruise ship is incredibly lonely. I wish I knew this before accepting the job.

Rocking the boat.

I work on a cruise ship and always struggle not to sleep with passengers. Last night I gave in. I was just so desperate for it!

Some things seem better on the outside.

I have the "best job ever," according to everyone else. I'm working on a cruise ship and I have not been this unhappy in a long time.

Sounds like a sitcom.

Working on a cruise ship: lots of coworker drama caused by everybody sleeping with each other.

It's easy to miss out when you're away at sea.

My grandpa, who lived with me growing up, died while I was working on a cruise ship overseas. It really upsets me to know I wasn't there for everyone during that time.