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These Bullies Reveal The Reasons Why They Fat Shame People
Fat shaming people is an incredibly mean thing to do. Making fun of someone because of the way they look is extremely cruel. Using someone's appearance to hurt them is the cheapest shot you can take. However, these bullies say they have a reason for fat shaming others. See why they do it in these heartbreaking confessions.

A no mercy approach.

I fat shame in hope they will change themselves for the better. Also to keep my kids from getting obese.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

I fat shame anyone that remarks negatively about slim people.

It's not right.

Honestly, I fat shame all the others cause I'm insecure of my small breasts. It sucked even more before cause all the fat chicks body shamed me everyday.

Some battles just aren't yours to fight.

I fat shame others because I have been fat before and I know how unhealthy it can be.

How nice for you.

I fat shame all day long and don’t feel even remotely bad for it. I kill at least 10 hours a week in the gym lifting weights, running, getting punched and choked.

Not a nice habit.

I fat shame overweight people so much and I kind of hate myself for it