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18 Embarrassing Things That Went Down At The Pool
Whether you're Michael Phelps, or someone just looking to take a casual dip, nobody is safe from the embarrassment of the pool. The fact of the matter is things happen: swimsuits become unruly, bodily functions get the better of us, and sometimes we even forget to shave one half of our body before jumping. Whatever you do: make sure the attractive lifeguard doesn't see any of your poolside mishaps.

Hold it next time!

One day I went to the pool and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time so I peed in the pool but little did I know there was a chemical dye in the pool that turned the water blue when you peed

Don't forget that armpit

I went to the pool with my boyfriend and he noticed something. I forgot to shave one armpit... So embarrassing.

This one hurts...for everybody involved...

I dove into the public pool without my goggles once yesterday, so I couldn't see. Making my way back to the surface my head slams right into some old lady's crotch! Most embarrassing moment of my life

The naked towel run:

I was just at the pool swimming laps, had a shower after and someone took my towel instead of his, I had to walk around and find it while I was naked and wet, so embarrassing :/

Sometimes the pool comes with you after you leave...

I have athlete's foot from my school's swimming pool, it's so embarrassing.  I told my best friend and she acted like I was a disease, now I'm terrified that someone's going to find out.

How did it get there?

I was at the pool with some friends and I had poop on my leg. My friend noticed first and I was mortified. I'm so embarrassing.