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Making Someone Dump You On Purpose Is More Common Than You Might Think
Breaking up is the worst. It's never fun breaking someones heart and putting a definite end to a relationship. Nobody wants to be the bad guy and sometimes it feels like it might just be easier if they dumped you instead. These people had this same idea and got creative with their exit strategy. Here are 17 confessions about people who made their ex dump them instead. Read on to see the manipulative ways they turned the tables on their partners.


I wanted my girlfriend to break up with me so I moaned her best friend's name on purpose a few times in bed. She finally broke up with me.

Sounds like a keeper.

I purposely do things to piss off or gross out my boyfriend so he will break up with me but he just ends up saying I love you no matter what.

Don't play with fire if you can't get burned.

I pushed my boyfriend away for a month to get him to break up with me, it worked and now I miss him

Brownies over jerks.

I'm getting fat on purpose so my bf will want to break up with me. He's a jerk and refuses to let me end it normally. However, he hates overweight women. Hello brownies!

So insane.

I didn't know how to break up with a girl. So I went to her parent's house for dinner and took a shower before dinner. When asked why, I said my gf and I hooked up so I had to clean myself off.

So lame.

I never break up with my girlfriends. I just cheat and purposely get caught. That way they don't blame themselves.